Data Capture House

We have been processing texts into electronic form since 1994.
We have extensive experience with large-capacity scanning of documents, with conversion of texts into electronic – editable form, with processing of forms into electronic form and processing of pdf files. The advantage for you is to speed up the process of data processing, save on personnel costs and save space costs.

Document scanning

We perform scanning on high-speed scanners. This method is effective for archiving a large number of paper documents or as preparation for processing into editable form (OCR/ICR). We also provide scanning of files into electronic form, including creation of xml indexes for searching.

Postal Address Check

When you check addresses in bulk, you load your csv file to our server. The file is then processed, the correctness of the zip code, street, descriptive and indicative number is checked. Imagine check of 100 postal addresses, one of which has a non-existent serial number, one non-existent reference street number, one address is incomplete but can be delivered.

Processing of manually filled-in forms

Processing of Pen & Paper forms with check-in windows, handwritten personal data. We process hundreds of thousands of forms a year.

Ruční formuláře

Processing large amounts of data

For example, in large amounts of data (tens to hundreds of thousands of rows), we are able to divide records into records that are complete and those that contain duplicate records (duplicate phone number or e-mail) or records with an incomplete or invalid postal address or other missing data. When proofreading data, we use frequency analysis, which allows to reduce data error rates to a minimum.

Cashslips into electronic form

We scan printed text and convert it into electronic form or we process document photos e.g. cashslip. Depending on the type and quality of the template, we choose an effective method of automatic recognition process. Transcription is performed using OCR software that recognizes the printed font with minimum misreadings. The whole process is then checked by a person who corrects unrecognized characters and minor software errors. The supplied text is then editable and error-free


Supported projects and organisations


Unique glossary for learning vocabulary without need to write answers, you just need to confirm that you already know the word or not


Patria Finance, A.s.

Patria Finance, a.s.
Scanning and assembly of 11 editions of finance magazine and credit in pdf format

IKEA, s.r.o.

IKEA, s.r.o.  Czech and Slovak Republic
Processing hundreds of thousands of forms per year

Nakladatelství Slovart, s.r.o.

Publishing House Slovart, s.r.o.
Processing of professional books into editable form

Albatros Nakladatelství, A.s.

Albatross Publishing House, a.s.
Processing children's books into editable form for re-edition

Český normalizační institut

Czech Standardization Institute
Processing of printed standards into XML format

Send, s.r.o.

Send, s.r.o.
Scanning and converting addresses of returned - unsuered magazines about 16 thousand magazines per month

Jednota tlumočníků a překladatelů

Unity of interpreters and translators
Scanning and assembling 110 editions of ToP magazine (interpreting and translation) into full-text searchable pdf format

LEDA, spol. s r.o.

LEDA, spol. s r.o. publishing house
Processing bilingual dictionaries into editable form for re-edition


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